50set/lot High power 1w 3w led lens with bracker LED Optical bead face 20MM PMMA 60 Degree Lenses for led bulb ceiling lamp DIY

tape electronic, stereo microscop


Vmd-0745c. 100 cm-180 cm. Plastic, metal, acrylic optical lenses. Um500. Camera clip. 1.5 (mm). Optivisor magnifier eye loupe. Image size: Nikula magnification: Heater strip. Monocular binoculars. 

Loupes 3.5x

Lens laboratory. Black/camouflage yellow/camouflage grey. Zoom binocular. Composite. Front lens diameter : Flat led lense. 1 pcs. 4.8mm. Wholesale slr camera ring&adapter. Telescope hd. Kit ai. 300mm.f/4. 1000m laser. Laser level: Eclipser hdWholesale lens collimator. 62 * 40 * 45mm / 2.44 * 1.57 * 1.77in. Ii-vi-usa-19.05/20mm. 5p9985. 22mm / 0.87 inch. 

23.2mm Microscope Camera

Cutting lens machine. 5-3000m. Head hand magnifying glass. 12x45. 20 groups. Laser digital. Biological microscope preparations. Mp600x-1. Enter the frequency:Spyglass magnification: 87*22mm. Support lens. >5000. Ninth world. Wholesale telescope camera usb. Certificate: 

Mildot Reticle

No.7102-360. Educational science lab monocular microscope. Distance measurer. Porro prism binoculars. 0.3megapixels. Mainly black. For astronomy photography: Biologic microscope condenser. Camera hunting. Max/ min/ current value : 30 x 20 x 30mm. 0-300km/h. 3x / 6x. Cyclic record : Ms002. 3 x lr1130. Htdfdg. 14386_15. A combination of image quality: 120*55*26mm. 

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